How To Appreciate Yourself?!?

Many people have a problem with knowing themselves and realizing how much they have to offer others. For about five years I struggled with knowing who I was! During times like this, we seem to overlook all the good we have done over the years. By not appreciating our worth, we also struggle with love because we don't know who we are. We can sit and find all the wrong in us and dwell on it! When we get like this how do we appreciate ourselves? Do you know? I can let you in on what I did; hopefully, it helps you!

Understand the difference between self-love and self-absorption. If you find it easier to neglect yourself out of a fear of being too self-absorbed, it's important to understand that self-love is nourishing and cherishing, while self-absorption is a form of fantasizing and walling yourself off from other people. Self-Love is recognizing the good things about yourself. Indeed, it is important to love yourself before you can properly love others. On the other hand, a self-absorbed person finds it hard to reach out to others because it's always about them and not about others. If you are a self-absorbed person; you may feel that people tend to threaten the spotlight that you should have.

Be yourself.
Being yourself means to be authentic and unique. When you feel pressured to do thins that you are not comfortable with; you should say: "I'm going to do this instead of that!" Use your charm and personality to draw people into you. Play by your own set of rules; you will find that there is no better lead to follow than your own.

Remember that you have a lot to offer!
Ask yourself this: Have you ever felt like curling up and hiding? I'm pretty sure you have but before you do stop and think about your talents, skills, and abilities! The world needs you to do the things only you can do! Sure other people can do the things you can do but; NO ONE can do it like YOU!

Appreciate you already have.
When you don't appreciate what you have; you can find yourself chasing after what others have. When this happens; wants become a needs. Take some time; realize that what you currently have other people need and once it's your season to receive better you will get that!

I hope this helped you because it helped me get to a better place within myself!

-When Queens Link

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